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 cd2ogg 3.3 :: (c) 2010 Duncan Brown (http://cd2ogg.sourceforge.net)
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 Change log :

	  - added ripping without freedb info
	  - tr has finally replaced dos2unix
	  - removed punctuation from encoding scripts
	  - general script cleanup in certain bits

	  - bugs squished
	  - mp3 encoding actually works
	  - options added
	    --spec will now create a cd2ogg.spec file in your current directory

	  - added a few extra colors into output
	  - options added
	    -G now disables any genre tagging
	    --list will perform a cddb lookup and display disc information
	  - features added
	    - 'various artists' albums will now tag the individual tracks with
	      the proper artist name as long as the freedb data is properly
	      formatted (Artist / Song) and the main artist listed is 'Various'
	      or 'various'.  If the main artist isn't listed as Various then
	      you can use "-a Various" to override
	  - bugs squished
	    - the new oggenc doesn't like the way i was adding comments and
	      would complain about multiple output files specified.  fixed

	3.0 (the "i can't believe it's been a year and a half" release) :
	  - changed options to more logical options, these probably won't
	    change again for the life of cd2ogg
	  - a few small bugs were squished
	    - checking genre against lame list to ensure lame won't freak out
	    - "&" or "/" in the track information (cd, artist and track)
	  - abilities added
	    - flac encoding (with optional ogg transport wrapper)
	  - abilities dropped
	    - interactive mode
	    - gnome/zenity integration
	  - options added (subject to change by 3.0 release)
	    --flac encodes files as flac
	    -g now specifies a custom genre
	    -M now specifies a custom location for mass encoding scripts
	    --daemon will set the script into a quiet mode to encode scripts in
	      the background
	  - options changed into other options (may change by 3.0 final release)
	    --enc is now used for mass encoding (was -g)
	    --ogg now specifies 'encode as ogg' (was default)
	    --mp3 now specifies 'encode as mp3' (was -3)
	    -d is now used to specify the cdrom device (was -u)
	    -y is now used to change the year (was -d)
	    -q is now used to select a custom freedb server (was -o)
	    -s now specifies BOTH the storage directory and file name
	    --info is now used to show your current settings
	    --save is now used to save your current settings
	  - options dropped (subject to change by 3.0 release)
	    --inter went away with simplification
	    --zbge went away with simplification
	    --zenc went away with simplification
	    --xterm went away with simplification
	  - other changes
	    - more verbose description of output format

	2.4.18 :
	  - bug fixes
	    - typo messed up track numbering in id3 for lame encoded tracks

	2.4.16 :
	  - changes
	    - curl is used instead of wget
	  - bug fixes
	    - zenity popup handles multi-matches better

	2.4.14 :
	  - options modified
	    --zenc now shows the CD name in the tooltip

	2.4.12 :
	  - installation
	    - installation script now checks for needed packages in fedora and
	  - options added
	    --version shows the version of cd2ogg you're running
	  - options modified
	    --zenc now has an option to play CD via gnome-cd
	    -3 for mp3 encoding can now be saved as default codec
	  - options changed
	    -i is now --inter for interactive mode

	2.4.10 :
	  - preliminary point and click work
	  - options added
	    - gnome integration
	      --zbge will put cd2ogg into the background until it detects
	             encoding scripts and then places an icon in the
	             notification tray
	      --zenc places an icon in the system tray prompting you to encode a
	             CD when inserted

	2.4.8 :
	  - options added (none are available in interactive mode)
	    -v enables error correcting (on by default)
	    -V disables error correcting (massive speed increase)
	      - encoding bis, _new transistor heroes_ on amd 64 3200+
	        - paranoia    : 24m 55s (no normalize)
	        - no paranoia : 08m 04s (no normalize)
	    -3 encodes as mp3 instead of ogg
	    --xterm starts up cd2ogg in an xterm
	      - now the default behavior when called from menu items
	  - options removed
	    - -x is now covered by --xterm
	  - ~/.cd2oggrc is now known as ~/.cd2ogg/cd2ogg_config
	  - ~/.cd2ogg_history is now known as ~/.cd2ogg/cd2ogg_history
	  - changed the way the mass encode scripts work
	    - normalize runs BEFORE encoding, giving you a more even result
	    - only remove the source .wav file after a successful encoding
	    - mass encode script removes itself, cd2ogg doesn't
	      - this allows easy integration with external mechanisms
	    - if $cd2ogg_quiet is set, we won't output our status
	  - minor stuff
	    - changed find statement to get rid of notice in fedora core 4
	    - install script update (Cyrille Bagard )
	      - now you have the option to specify the base dir for all other
	        installation options (/usr/local vs. /usr)
	  - bug squishes
	    - detects debian and runs normalize-audio instead of normalize

	2.4.6 :
	  - options modified
	    - mass ripping now creates a seperate script for each track
	      - this will be better utilized in the future by the daemon mode
	  - functions added
	    - an ~/.cd2ogg_history file will now be created that lists the
	      freedb CD signatures of the cds you've processed
	      - this will be utilized by the future automatic CD collection
	        website creation mode
	      - disable this by sym-linking /dev/null to this file
	        CD ~ && ln -s /dev/null .cd2ogg_history
	  - bug fixes
	    - $whoami and $hostname were called by functions before they were
	  - bugs fixed by cd2ogg users!  whoot!
	    - long track names (Cyrille Bagard )
	      - where a long track name takes up multiple lines in a freedb info
	        file became truncated
	    - man page (Hurlin Clément )
	      - man page did not render properly in kde help browser
	  - README re-worded slightly

	2.4.4 :
	  - options modified
	    - --readme no longer displays options nor change log
	  - re-organized and cleaned up the README
	  - fixed issue with "s in filename, changed to ''

	2.4.2 :
	  - options added
	    --changelog displays the change log
	  - options modified
	    -t now can be used for multiple tracks
	    --readme only paginates when in interactive mode

	2.4.1 :
	  - fixed an order issue when writing the cd_info.txt file

	2.4 :
	  - options added
	      -a specifies a custom artist name
	      -c specifies a custom CD name
	      -d specifies a custom CD release year
	      -f specifies a custom CD storage dir
	      -H shows help with examples
	      -k for fixed/managed bitrate encoding
	      -l lo-fi mono encoding
	      -o now specifies the custom cddb server
	      -r now tells the script to replace spaces and capital letters
	      -u now specifies the custom cdrom device
	      -z your command line options will be saved as the default setting
	      --readme views the notes for the script
	      --license views the license for this script
	  - options added that turn off possible defaults
	      -J prevents ejecting the cdrom drive
	      -K prevents fixed bitrate encoding
	      -L prevents lo-fi mono encoding
	      -N prevents normalization
	      -P prevents use of a http proxy
	      -R prevents replacement of spaces and capital letters
	      -W do not leave the source .wav after encoding
	  - options removed
	      -r to just rip a CD without encoding.  I needed a flag (i ran out)
	         and -m did the same thing with a prompt, and you can CTRL-C out
	  - installation script now available in .tar.gz
	      - also builds normalize & cd-discid if needed and gcc is present
	  - inclusion of man page, menu items and icons.
	  - no longer prompted to configure if ~/.cd2ogg is not found, the
	    defaults will be used.  the user is notified to configure with -i
	  - track length is now computed and displayed while ripping/encoding
	  - less output when no options are specified
	  - fixed a goof with mass rip where you won't be verbally prompted for
	    the next CD if you were already notified for the previous cd
	  - in interactive mode, 'z' replaced 'c' to save config
	  - simpler output when executing batch encode scripts
	  - combined README and license info into script
	  - incorporated new flags into the interactive menu
	  - creation of .m3u playlists
	  - interactive mode doesn't require a carriage return when selecting
	    an option
	  - reordered the actions so you weren't prompted about missing
	    dependencies unless you're attempting to perform an operation
	  - added examples to README and -H help
	  - changed verbage in help to be more clear
	  - fixed problems with / in track names by replacing it with \
	  - mass rip & custom artist/album/dat conflict, no longer permitted
	  - typo corrections
	  - supplied .spec file for cd2ogg with .tar.gz release

	2.2 :
	  - options added
	      -b specifies the bitrate to use
	      -d specifies the cdrom device to use
	      -e rips and encodes the track
	      -f use a custom cddb server
	      -i go into an simplistic menu system
	      -j eject cdrom drive upon completion
	      -n to normalize tracks
	      -p use a custom proxy server
	      -s save your music in an alternate directory
	      -w leaves the source .wav file after encoding
	      -y displays your current configuration
	  - menu system added
	  - gnome and kde icons added for menu system
	  - screen information is now color coded
	    blue  : notice
	    green : question
	    red   : error or problem detected
	  - now uses cd-discid for disc identification
	  - now theoretically compatible with any *nix variant
	    (only linux has been tested)
	  - now uses getopts for more complex flags, so the command line
	      cd2ogg -e -n -w
	    can now be run as
	      cd2ogg -enw
	  - temporary file usage moved from ~/.cd2ogg to /tmp/cd2ogg-$USER
	    (this allows tmpwatch to clean out old files when it's time)
	  - x-window pausing works alot better and more regularly
	  - cleaned up the script and made it more flexible
	  - removed beep because it was more flash than function

	2.1 :
	  - configures itself to your preferences upon initial run
	    (no more editing script to change preferences)
	  - gnome and kde icons in the menus
	  - updates the title of the window with disc info
	  - first one released with rpm support
	  - released with yum/apt repository
	  - uses the beep program for more interesting aural notification

	2.0 :
	  - CD rip streams directly to ogg encoding
	    - faster 'from cd-to-ogg' conversion
	    - cleaner output to screen
	    - lower disk space usage (no temporary .wav file anymore)
	  - mass rip mode.  creates scripts for encoding and comments
	  - option to run mass rip scripts and delete them upon completion
	  - minimized output to make things cleaner looking
	  - alerts you to errors, but only at predetermined error counts
	  - cleaned up output
	  - added single track ability
	  - support of proxies for freedb CD info lookups
	  - displays time to rip and encode a track
	  - displays time to complete entire operation
	  - fixed issues with funky characters in track names (bjork albums/etc)
	  - checks to see if you have all the prerequisite executables
	  - cdda2wav is no longer suported

	1.3 :
	  - first public release (gpl)
	  - oggenc now adds track information to ogg files
	  - added ability to mass rip cds to .wav only
	  - added -h flag to bring up help
	  - compiled discid for redhat 9 so you don't have to!

	1.2 :
	  - changed CD extractor to cdparanoia (friendlier output)
	    - cdda2wav is still available, you need to uncomment the line
	      and comment out cdparanoia

	1.1.1 :
	  - added ability to handle inexact cddb disc matches

	1.1 :
	  - added ability to handle multiple cddb disc matches

	1.0 :
	  - initial release
	  - basic cddb functionality and ripping/encoding

cd2ogg (c) 2002-2018 Duncan Brown (cd2ogg @ duncanbrown.org)
Page last updated : Wed Nov 17 16:56:58 UTC 2010