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original article : http://www.linuxsoft.cz/article.php?id_article=571

Translation thanks to Petr Šigut (petr.sigut who has email at atlas.cz)

In this article we will look how to grab your audio CD into your
computer - so save each track in comprimed format ogg. We will you
program cd2ogg, console based program, which uses more program. So in
the end you have one easy-to-use aggregate.

Grabing of music into computer is a typical thing, which doestn need our
attention - in the begining you must enter some parametrs a the let our
machine works. I think its useless to have a program with GUI - and
often we need grab more CD - another reasen to use automatize-able
solution without vain clicks.

Cd2ogg - already from name you know all you need.

First of all cd2ogg find out CD in internet database freedb.org, so
there isnt reasen to type the names of track manualy. Then it make whole
CD or singles track into ogg vorbis. I'll try describe the control and
the installation simple, so that the novice needlessly dont take the GUI

here I desribing the instalation of wget, oggenc, cdparanoia, dos2unix,
cd-discid and normalize.

So finished - every needed program we have installed - until the last
one - cd2ogg. From homepage of cd2ogg download tarball with cd2ogg (only
29KB big!). Uncopressed it an as root run ./install-cd2ogg - the script
will handle the instalation. Program can be execute logicaly by cd2ogg
(its bash sript). 

Insert audio CD into your drive and lets to try it, run cd2ogg with -e:

$ cd2ogg -e

 cd2ogg 2.4.4 :: (c) 2004 Duncan Brown (duncan@linuxadvocate.net)

[-] Using defaults, please use -i to configure

[-] Grabbing cd fingerprint... done.

[-] Querying us.freedb.org for cd information...

[!] Multiple matches found, please select one.

[-] 1 : misc 800c2c0b Gamma Ray / No World Order
[-] 2 : rock 800c2c0b Gamma Ray / No World Order
[?] Please choose a disc: 2

As you can see program get the "fingerprint" of CD and downloaded the
info from db - it offered mi from two option:

[-] 1 : misc 800c2c0b Gamma Ray / No World Order
[-] 2 : rock 800c2c0b Gamma Ray / No World Order

So I chose the second (enter):

[-] CD name and title :
     Gamma Ray - No World Order (11 tracks)

  [-] Processing track #1 : Induction (0:59)
   [-] Encoding audio stream directly from cd to ogg
 [-] Completed track in 0:14

  [-] Processing track #2 : Dethrone Tyranny (4:14)
   [-] Encoding audio stream directly from cd to ogg

Cd2ogg will continue track by track until it finishes whole CD - you
will find ogg (already in the proccess of grabing) i ~/music/name of
group/name of album/. Here are singles track in format: name of group -
name of album - number of track - name of track.ogg. As you can see in
default settings program behvas very intellignt so it works without
other configuration. But lets go and see some options, the interactive
mode you can run by cd2ogg -i.

Useful option is "t" - rip a single track - push key "t" and enter
space-separate list of track, which you wish to grab. The default
bitrate is 192, for someone just, for someone little, for someone much -
you can change it by key "b" and set your desire bitrate. If you want to
save confugiration globaly - not for one album only - push key "z" - the
settings will be saved in ~/.cd2oggrc

Every option you can of course use in non-interactive mode, eg:

cd2ogg -t 1   - will grab the first track.

As you can see, the content of .cd2oggrc is synoptical and easy-editable


I sav music in this way: name of group - name of album/track number name
of track. eg ~/music/Gamma Ray - No World Order/01 Induction.ogg. You
can change it, as you wish - change the file_format for desire value.

Maybe someone is wonder why I didnt show a tool, which can make in mp3
format... I wonder why dont to support open, free, quality format ogg.
There isnt either in Linux either in Windows problem with playing.

cd2ogg (c) 2002-2018 Duncan Brown (cd2ogg @ duncanbrown.org)
Page last updated : Wed Nov 17 16:56:58 UTC 2010