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 cd2ogg 3.3 :: (c) 2010 Duncan Brown (http://cd2ogg.sourceforge.net)
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 WARNING : if you're migrating to a version 3.0 AND ABOVE from a 2.X or
           below *PLEASE REVIEW THE COMMANDS* as many flags have changed.

 cd2ogg is a script to rip and encode CDs with minimal user intervention
 with a wide array of popular formats supported, including Ogg/Vorbis, MP3 &

 You will only be prompted for information on either clarification on the
 CD database information or if the CD isn't found in freedb 

 Overview of features :

   - Automatic CD track information lookup
   - Adds track info tags into audio file for use on audio jukeboxes
   - Allows mass ripping of your CD collection with minimal user input
     - Ability to rip tracks from CD and encode at a later time
       (This allows you to just copy the audio to the hard drive, we create
        scripts that will automatically encode your ogg files with the
        informational tags and remove the CD audio file at completion)
   - Highly configurable
   - Works just fine behind proxies

 Bug reporting :

	Bug reports are ALWAYS welcome and will be dealt with as soon as I can
	work on them.

 CD info :

	This is obtained through http freedb lookups via curl

 Default filename convention :

	cd artist - cd name - track number - track name.ogg

	example :
	  The Rentals - Return Of The Rentals - 05 - Please Let That Be You.ogg

 Default directory convention :

	[music_root]/cd artist/cd name

	example :
	  ~/music/The Rentals/Return Of The Rentals

 Additional software used :

	program      fedora_centos       ubuntu_package   slackware_package
	curl         curl                curl             ???
	oggenc       vorbis-tools        vorbis-tools     ???
	cdparanoia   cdparanoia          cdparanoia       ???
	bc           bc                  bc               ???
	cd-discid    cd-discid (extras)  cd-discid        ???
	lame*        lame                lame             ???
	flac*        flac                flac             ???
	normalize*   normalize           normalize-audio  ???

	  * - Optional

 Installation :

	There are two ways to install cd2ogg: manually copying over the script
	and other sundries to their appropriate places or running the included
	installation script.  I have also provided a cd2ogg.spec file to
	create an RPM from the files placed by the installation script.

 Notes :

	- Please ensure that you have proper read access to the cd-rom device

cd2ogg (c) 2002-2018 Duncan Brown (cd2ogg @ duncanbrown.org)
Page last updated : Wed Nov 17 16:56:58 UTC 2010